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There is so much to share about Center of Hope (Helping Others Prosper Eternally) International that one would resign to say that you must witness this ministry personally to appreciate our assignment in the plan of God. God has given us a special anointing to reach the world with a message of salvation, healing, deliverance and prosperity in Jesus Christ. We challenge you to come and share what God is doing through this ministry. The result would be a life changing experience.


"Write the vision and make it plain." (Habakkuk 2:1)

In 1987 Pastor Mitchell G. Taylor received the vision for Astoria Outreach Ministries, located in Queens, New York. In 1991, the Lord divinely orchestrated the ministry to move to Long island City, where the birthing of Center of Hope International began. The vision was fully delivered August 14, 1999 when we marched into the new home of Center of Hope International; one of the fastest growing churches in Long Island City. Center of Hope International has established several dynamic ministries to strengthen the body of Christ.


As an International family of Believers, it is our mandate to proclaim Jesus, The Christ, as the Head of the Church and the manifested Word of God.

It is our goal to teach and preach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. When the Word is applied to our everyday lives in a practical and effective manner, it will transform us into a body of believers who will impact the world.

We are enveloped with the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel." (Mark 16:15)

Our Progressive Vision as a Corporate Body is to under gird, strengthen and increase our community through programs, targeted activities for men, women, singles, and families, combined with educational instruments that will address the whole need of man.

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